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In his masterpiece Les Miserables, the great novelist Victor Hugo famously wrote, “There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” Of course, he said it in French, and beautifully so. This point summarizes the nature and essence of what French Lit. is : a blending of language and literature to teach French in a unique, unconventional, engaging and – most importantly – effective way.


Diverging from the customary and pedantic ways in which foreign languages have been taught, this educational venture is far from your typical French class. It is a new approach to a classic language. Welcome to French Lit.


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Our Courses & Workshops

French Level 1 Beginners
Steps A-E (6 Sessions)

The French Basics & much more!

French Level 3 & 4 Accelerated 
Steps A-E (6 Sessions)

Speak & Write French through literature & film

French 1-on-1 Individualized Practice (8 Sessions) Flex Schedules

Shape your French Program to suit you!

History of Medieval France Arts Weekend Mini-Course 
Coming Up January 29th!

Explore the Major Events of French History!

French Level 2 Intermediate
Steps A-E (6 Sessions )

Keep growing in your French!

French Level 5 (Super-Advanced)
Steps A-E (6 Sessions)

Study of French Phonetics & Expository Readings

French Pronunciation
Monthly Workshop Multi-Level

Targeted Corrective French Phonetics

Francophone Culture & Society Weekend Mini-Course 
(Fresh Topic Monthly!)

date selection upon registration

Explore the history of French culture & society! 

Free Book Club

Join a free book club session!

Study of French the Fun way! Learn to Speak, Read & Write EN FRANÇAIS!

French Lit Youth!

Study of French the Fun way! Learn to Speak, Read & Write EN FRANÇAIS!

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Upcoming Weekend

(In Intermediate French Only)

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(Date selection upon registration)

History of Medieval
French Arts
January 29 & 30
History of French Cuisine
February 19 & 20

Nadia Boulanger
Cheffe de la Musique
March 19 & 20

Le Cubisme français
April 23 & 24

French Fashion Empires 1920s
May 21 & 22

Travel with French Lit
Info Sessions (*Free)
May 15 11AM

Francophone Culture & Society
Workshop (Monthly)

The objective of these workshops is to provide you with an understanding of the history and key players in the foundations and sustainability of France as an iconic piece of world fashion, art, politics and economics and music.


 We look at trends, strategies, key players' personal stories and trajectory to notoriety. We also ponder these figures and consider their lasting impact on present-day society.

Join us to discuss and offer your perspectives on all things French Culture!

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