French Book Club


French literature is some of the most beautiful writing ever created. If you want to truly appreciate the greatest works of french literature, you need to understand them in french and with a group of like minded people.

Our book club celebrates the best of 20th century french Literature. Whether you are looking to read through the classics, contemporary hits, or hidden gems, we are sharing the best books in all french literature.

You can join our french book club today and start reading through the best french literature in a group setting. This is great for people looking to improve their french as well as people who are already strong french speakers who are looking to keep the language alive!

The more you speak and immerse yourself in a language, the stronger you will be with it. Reach out to us today to start learning french through the best literature ever written!


Immerse Yourself in French Literature

Reading french literature in a group is the best way to immerse yourself into the language. You’ll encounter all new ways of speaking as well as get to sharpen your vocabulary in a friendly group setting.

Our 20th century french literature book club meets regularly and shares their reactions to the best french literature around.

When you read french literature in a group setting, you’re going to get the rare chance to not only build vocabulary, but also build up your speaking skills.

Connect with us today to join our book club and start speaking more proficiently today!


The Best 20th Century French Literature

Our 20th century french literature book club covers the best literature ever written. If you have been looking to explore some of the most romantic and compelling literature out there, our book club is here for you!

When you join our french book club, you’ll get to read some amazing texts in the language of love. This not only introduces you to some amazing works of fiction, but also helps you build up your french speaking abilities.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our book clubs and how they can help you grow your french language abilities.