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Towela Magai Okwudire

"French Lit is a physical and digital space where everyone can have access to language and literature in a beautiful atmosphere, while also in the presence of Francophone and Francophile friends with similar goals, among other cultures."

Our Team

Advanced Instructor


Elizabeth Magai
Accounting & Human Resources
Omega Balanced
 Financial Solutions
(604) 239-5556


Roberta Martinez
Registration & Customer Service

Craig Murray
Business Support Assistant
Special Topics Research

Heidi El-Hakim
 Senior instructor

Khadija Shamisa

Program Coordinator
Intermediate Instructor

Towela Magai Okwudire
Founder & Director
Advanced Instructor

Patricia Riveron
Community Marketing

Angelo Noal
English Content Editor

Valarie Beckford

 Boutique & Sales


About Us

A holistic approach
Our program reflects the desire to personalize the experience of each learner; hence the variety of courses that are well organized, flexible and spontaneous.


A multilingual host (including sign language) is here to welcome you. Our goal is to turn every visitor into a francophile/francophone.

What do we offer? 
Our main goal: appreciation and sharing of the language and its literature. We have all the levels, including courses for francophones seeking to improve their conversational English.

For other advanced or francophone students, workshops are also available. A free session is also available for those who want to try us out!

It’s a work of love...
Working in and with the community is our mission. An army of teachers is ready to promote this project, which is our passion.
Similarly, we use a variety of leading-edge technology, while following the latest research on teaching. 


Where did this idea come from?
Since 2014, I was appointed to the French Second Language programs in Ann Arbor (Michigan). When my family and I returned home, I realized that I would like to continue on this path, and I invited my network of learners and my colleagues. Other students from Detroit also come to be more comfortable speaking French.

Who am I?
My background is quite interesting. I was born in Zambia and raised in the United States until my family immigrated to Canada. As soon as I arrived near the end of high school, I loved the idea of Canada trying to promote linguistic diversity.

I was always fascinated by communication and language, especially since my parents spoke three languages since they came from different tribes.

I studied French language and literature at the University of British Columbia and I also have a second degree in education from Simon Fraser University.  After teaching at the Burnaby School Board (near Vancouver), my family moved to California and then to Michigan where my husband is a full-time university graduate. As my children grew up, I did a master’s degree in French literature at the University of Toledo in Ohio, where I worked under the direction of Dr. Ruth Hottell on a study to better understand the Quebec film seen by American spectators.  I am currently completing my second Master’s degree at the University of Alberta in Education and I continue to seek the best teaching strategies in an ever-changing world.  


According to our study, there is a growing interest in French language and culture among Americans and English-speaking and English Canadians. The challenge is to feel less motivated given the socio-cultural location. 


My classroom experience…
Since 2011, I teach at Roeper School in Birmingham/Michigan. It is a school for gifted students and it is in this super unique, flexible and creative environment where students take part in teaching. I learned not to blindly accept traditional approaches.  It was at Roeper where I really understood that there are as many approaches as learners.

Welcome To French Lit!

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